GAN SHER RHIE: With a Smile and a Song

Thursday, 7 May 2015

With a Smile and a Song

First post because I failed to recall my email and password for my previous blog which is *sobs*


I think I said this for every post smh.

That blog has existed for a VERY long time but not as long as I first started to blog. Reading back old posts from the 9 year old me, 12 years old me, I sure feel mortified. Despite that, it gave me a chance to reminisce my childhood days I now cherish most. Oh, the carefree days.

Off to the park when the clock strikes 5 in the evening with my yellow bicycle that looks too big for my size. 
When I actually EXERCISE. When homework were all about colouring, reading Peter and Jane, Maths; that consist of only integers and cute illustrations. When play time in kindergarten was playing sand, “cooking cooking”, water and musical instruments.


I was really active in blogging once. At this moment in time I just have the motivation to start but the determination to continue diminishes as time goes by. Partly because I have nothing to blog about.  

This time, I will give my very best to not make you dead, blog. I promise! Because all I have now is time. Time is my best friend. 

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