GAN SHER RHIE: Review: Daiso's Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Review: Daiso's Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask


Lack of update because I just started my first semester in Dip in Fashion Design not long ago. My apologies. I will be updating my artworks shortly!

By the way, a happy news from me that I want to share! I received an email from Channel Frederator a month ago and was asked if I am interested to join them. I am beyond excited and am currently partnered with them on YouTube! And since I am having my semester break now, I will be updating my channel soon. Probably Ball Pen Challenge? Click [here] to subscribe and stay tune for my upcoming time lapse video!

Today I will be writing a review on the Charcoal Peel Off Mask I got from Daiso a few weeks ago. Also a reason to keep my blog alive lolol. 

I was hesitant before buying this product because I have sensitive skin and was afraid that it will do more harm than good to my already-not-so-good-skin. After reading through reviews online, I found quite a number of good feedback. Since it costs only RM5.30 (inclusive of GST, meh...), I thought why not just give it a try? Small investment to experiment as well as giving myself a chance to try out something new.

(Take note that everything written here are based on my personal opinion.)

Daiso's Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask, 80g

  • Open your pores with hot towel or steam / exfoliate for maximum result.
  • After cleansing your face and gently dried with a clean towel, apply the mask evenly on the face. (Avoid areas such as the lips, eyes, hair and eyebrows.)
  • Leave it to dry.
  • After it is completely dried out (you will feel your face tightened), peel it off from the bottom towards the top gently.
  • Clean face with lukewarm water + cleanser and perform your daily skincare routine. (tone, moisturize, etc)

Take Note:
  • Do not apply on wounds / eczema.
  • Stop using if it causes discomfort or redness.
  • Only for external use.
  • Wash immediately if product goes into your eyes / mouth. Strictly do not swallow!

Price / Availability: ★ 
As mentioned above, it costs only RM5.30 and is highly affordable, and can be found in any Daiso outlets. I bought mine from Sunway Pyramid.

Smells good and the smell is not overpowering. 

I personally like it because it comes in a tube bottle. This way you can just squeeze the product out instead of scooping it out with your fingers, ew / cosmetic spatula scoop when it comes in a jar. Wordings are hard to read as it is really small and there are instructions written in English.

Does it's job by removing dead skins, build ups, blackheads, etc. Except those really really stubborn ones.

Application is easy as it has a thick creamy consistency and you get to cover certain areas like at the tip of your nose and at the sides unlike pore stripes but it can get quite messy. Takes some time to clean the mess away. Takes roughly about 20 to 30 minutes to dry; some parts will dry faster depending on the thickness as the mask tends to collect at the bottom. Minimum effort to peel of the mask and does not hurt / tolerable depending on one's pain tolerance. Different story if you get some on your hair!

I was afraid that it will make my skin worse as I have really sensitive skin but to my surprise it didn't. It didn't cause any redness on my skin; instead, it made my skin cleaner, softer and smoother. Instant result!

Cheap things aren't always bad and expensive things aren't always good.

Will I make a second purchase? Without a doubt!

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