Monday, 11 May 2015



I feel so "free" these few days that I decided to make layouts again.

.... No. I am actually not free and I should be worried about my studies. I don't know though. I am aware that I am more useless than I already was. Falling behind so bad I don't feel like getting up again.

Will not be active in layout-making but only once in awhile. Since it is done I thought why not share it? I share it here because is kind off dead. I miss it because I spent my teen days with it; SOTDs, making online friends, learning new things.

I came back with a navigation kind. It is a very simple white layout harmonized by the family colour of Teal. Also, hints of roses to add a little touch to it. Credits are stated at the Credits section under Miscellaneous.

Why Courier New? No reasons! I just happened to be obsessed with this font lately.

Codes are inserted below. Usual drills; keep the credits and edit the profile, links, etc sections to your own liking. Don't forget to FOLLOW MY BLOG for new updates!

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