GAN SHER RHIE: October 2015

Saturday, 17 October 2015


I tell myself:
"It's not worth thinking about people who doesn't think about you"
"It's not worth caring for people who doesn't care for you"
"It's not worth making time for people who won't do the same"
"It's not worth being sad over someone who is probably too busy to even have you in their mind for a few seconds"

"Lovers today, strangers tomorrow."

It has only been a year and look how fast things have changed. "The only constant is change", a quote that I have to agree.

Never have high expectations because expectations lead to disappointments. Love too, disappoints.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Draw With Me: Speed Drawing of Kristen Stewart - Balenciaga

Been quite inactive on my blog lately I apologize (not sure if there's anyone reading oh well)

Here’s my drawing of Kristen from her Balenciaga photoshoot!

Check out my art page on Facebook if you haven’t: I made a speed drawing video of Kristen few years back then. Idk what I did but I deleted like 99% of the video and I’m left with 8 seconds of it FML. Why do things like this always happen to me?

I hope you enjoy this video! Don’t forget to subscribe, give it a thumbs up and share! Comments are much appreciated.

400+ viewers in a day! Thank you so much to all Kristen fan base! T_T Never regret being a part of the fan base.