GAN SHER RHIE: August 2015

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Step by Step Drawing: Jay Chou

Sorry for the much emo posts lately but apologizing in advance as well because I doubt it would be the last. I get so emotional lately even watching The Voice of China is able to make me tear up BUT it is because it was very touching (their speeches) and it is very sad to see one by one being eliminated. I have reasons! I know I am not the only one. :p

I find besides drawing, blogging also makes me feel better. I guess blogging is a better way for me to express how I feel? I love drawing. It keeps me occupied for a moment but I always have this trouble of not being able to think of what to draw. I usually look for pictures then draw; I don't create from scratch because it'll just end up ugly most of the time. I guess not creative after all. On the other hand when I blog, I just type what's on my mind and suddenly one blog post created. LOL. 

Being the usual unproductive me: I decided to draw my dear!! If unsure, it is Jay Chou. *thick face* :p

Since my brother has a scanner in their tuition center, I CAN MAKE FULL USE OF IT. I never thought of scanning my drawings step by step after completing like 1/4 of the face. Apologies.

I always start with sketching the outline.
Starting from the eyes followed by the eyebrow and the nose.


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Missing You

I knew what I had,
But I never thought that I will lose you.

I was too caught up in the moment. I thought forever actually exist.
Since we're all still young, our goals changes as the years pass. Different kind of priorities comes in and because change is the only constant in life. I guess when it's time, it's time. It doesn't matter if you're ready to let go or not let go because our paths are designed like that.

But letting go hurts.

Deleting the memories we captured on pictures and videos together, our text messages, wasn't easy but I had to. Keeping it only makes me misses you more and pretty sure you won't like that. I remember going through the photos every day and every time I look through them they never fail to put a smile on my face. Indeed, sweet memories.

Those are the memories I cherish most and would never replace. I wish I could create more with you in the future and I wish you would; wouldn't be better if it was with someone else. No matter how hard to situation gets.

Thursday, 27 August 2015


A simple layout that I used not long ago!
Decided to share it with all of you since I have changed to a newer layout. Specially for those who loves something simple! :)

Monday, 24 August 2015

Women Casual – The Lazy Day

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion enthusiast and not a pro! Just something random to blog about. :)

I bet all of us have one of those days, where you want to look good but not wanting to spend so much time searching for an outfit because if you do… at the end of the day you WILL end up with your clothing AND hangers everywhere – bed, table, chair, floor… or am I the only one? 

And when you are finally home from your day / night out feeling so exhausted, mom nags you to clear the mess you made earlier. Please let me rest. :(

To make things easier, whenever I have 'nothing' to wear, the first thing that comes into my mind – women casual!

A few of my MUST HAVE are:

A plain t-shirt because nothing can go wrong with it! It pairs so well with blazers, shorts, leggings, denims, skirts, overalls, you name it!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Difficult to Love


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder,
Isle of Beauty, fare thee well!”

Been drowning in my thoughts lately – assuming the negatives everyday especially late at night. Not getting confirmation about something that means so much and being filled with doubts feels like having a huge hole through the chest.

You cry yourself to sleep only to end up dreaming about it. You wake up from your sleep only to think about it instantly. Always battling against your thoughts because it kills but it always ends up winning so easily.

I cannot deny that I didn’t like the dreams I had because it is what I wish most right now. What hurts most is that it probably wouldn’t happen, probably forever. Stinks.

“Distance means so little when someone means so much.”
“Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

That I agree but unfortunately it doesn’t apply to everyone.

I wonder how they make it seem so easy. It makes your question yourself.

Am I not worthy? Am I that easy to be forgotten? If feelings were real do they just fade so easily? Can something so real turn to nothing in just few days or weeks after everything?

Everyday thoughts.