GAN SHER RHIE: September 2015

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Paint With Me: Time lapse Water Lily Inspired by Watercolour Tattoo

I couldn’t agree more, watercolour tattoos are simply beautiful! Here’s a time lapse painting of a Water Lily using warm colours, something different from what I usually paint. I guess wet on wet technique?


If you realised, there’s TWO different paintings in this video! I actually painted twice because first attempt - I forgot to focus the camera FML. Second attempt however yes, I did focus but painting didn’t turn out the way I like it to be. I prefer the first one so much therefore I decided to use the first painting to continue! (Sorry if it’s confusing)No more mistakes next time!!!


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Monday, 14 September 2015

DIY Easy & Cheap Marble Mug | gansherrhie

Hi readers!

Been unreasonably long since I have uploaded a video on YouTube. I thought, since I have so much free time why not make videos? At least something to keep me busy. Process of making this video wasn't easy but a fun one! I had to redo this video for like about 6 times because it keeps lagging etc. My carelessness made it worse as well! Then after many attempts I finally learnt my lesson: To save the file every time you're done with a section of the video otherwise you'll burn the midnight oil and regret!

This DIY is very very simple, I guarantee. Simply prepare water in a container and add a few drops of your nail polish! You can use a toothpick to spread out the design. I didn't use a toothpick for this (video). Nail polish tend to get into the inside of the mug if you're dipping the whole mug into the water but no worries, you can clean it off with nail polish remover! Last but not least, seal the mugs with a clear coat spray paint to protect the marble design and you're done!

EASY? :D Yas.

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Love Never Leaves, People Do


I have never believed in wrong timing.
Especially the excuse of not having time.

Because if someone truly loves you, they will find time for you no matter how busy they are.

There's only two reasons why they don't find time for you: you're actually not really that important, or you used to be important.

You're no longer in their present but their past.

1. Not having time but showing efforts to see and talk to each other.
2. Not having time and also not showing any signs of effort, like a decent conversation; texts or calls.

Both 1 and 2 have major differences.

Actions are bigger than words. No one is ever too busy.

People love you for who you are, maybe, but eventually they get bored of you. They fall in love with something else. Next thing you know, they no longer make you feel happy but upset. Ourselves are also part of the blame. As much as you hate the fact and cannot accept the fact, it doesn't change the way they feel. Unfortunately.

I really hate how emotions can take control over people so easily. We get exasperated over the smallest issues. We hurt the people around us. We drown ourselves in negative thoughts day till night. Mood swings because one second its the end of the world and another it feels like there's hope but when you realise its never going to happen your world crumbles down again and the cycle repeats.

But every passing seconds means healing and being stronger as well.

I keep wondering...

Does giving up on one means not loving enough and not trying hard enough or does it simply means that you've done your best and there's really nothing you can do to change the fact that you're not needed in someone else's life anymore because they have other priorities?... And you realise its time to stop hurting yourself over something unchangeable.

Holding on into memories... Hurts. Pathetic.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Happy Birthday: Sangeetha!

Driving doesn't seem that scary anymore compared to last year (2014) when I can barely drive due to not having car in hostel etc. Now being at home, I drive quite often. Actually drove to Serdang for the third time already hehe! Surprisingly after not going back to Serdang for the many months I can still remember the way there. Shout out to Jay Chou's songs for accompanying me throughout my driving journey! By the way, my Step by Step Drawing: Jay Chou here: [CLICK]

Happy Tuesday!
The weather is soo gloomy but I love weathers like this! Cooling.

Celebrated Sangeetha's birthday last Sunday in TGIF @ Sunway Pyramid. Shout out to the workers in TGIF for the birthday surprises! The well presented dessert at the end of our main course, the birthday songs and also making the birthday girl stand on the chair to make a speech. A memorable one. :) No cheesy paragraphs here because we don't work that way hehe. #Buddiessinceprimaryschool. Pictures shall do the talking! :)

 Main courses.