GAN SHER RHIE: June 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

Last Year, Today

Last year today was the first day I stayed in hostel.

Away from family, staying in a house filled with strangers, new college, new environment, having a roommate from Pahang – obviously I don’t know all of them at all – everything for the first time!

Bittersweet memories. (:)

The thought of staying out with strangers wasn't a pleasant feeling. I remember being so depressed by the thought of it but things got better eventually. Or I can say that, I got used to it.

I remember requesting for a bedroom all by myself because I didn’t like sharing room with others. As much as I wanted it to happen, it didn’t. But fate brought me to know one of the best people in the world, which was my roommate and I am thankful for that. Sleepless nights together to complete assignments, inside jokes and most importantly, we kind off like had something in common so there were no misunderstandings or whatsoever. 

I am also thankful to know a bunch of great people especially from the Design School. NOT ALL but most of them. Painting the mural during the first semester was a moment worth cherishing and I will never trade it with anything else. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Unfriend You

Amazes me how a person's true colour shows whenever problem arises.
It is true when they said a person’s true colour will eventually show, especially when it has something to do with money.

Never, I repeat, NEVER have any commitment with anyone especially those you have met not long ago whenever it involves money. Not even after a few months. Not a year. Because once problem arises, SUDDENLY it is not their fault and it has nothing to do with them. Just because “I have no money,” “I did not sign the contract,” “I don’t know anything.” Sure, but you used and agreed about it in the first place. Who was the one so eager to use it in the first place too? Not me alone. Remember, you too. :) Thanks for your statements, because money is just a “SMALL MATTER” to me. Because I am "RICH", right? Please sense the sarcasm if you do not, just get out from my blog.

Good. After everything I said – after repeating for months every time you ask without fail and you said okay, today you tell me that. I don’t know whether to laugh or to be angry. :) Ha ha ha. Funny how you were okay with it and suddenly you changed your mind. I guess after all the explanations and stress you gave, it was just a waste of precious time. IT'S OKAY. Act like I am doing a charity. :)

And did I not try to settle things? So easy to settle early also settle already la right or not...? Please. What was the point of me calling them then? Other than rectifying things? If I don't plan to make things right WHY WOULD I EVEN SPEND ANY SECOND OF MY TIME TO CALL THEM?! Do you think going there make any differences? No.

Monday, 1 June 2015


Whoever is happy will make others happy too. –  Anne Frank

Hi girls!

So recently I have been selling most of my prelove (only worn once or twice) and new clothing that are still in good condition on Carousell. Do check it out and do not be shy to ask me for measurements or whatsoever. I will try my best to give you answers and the best price!

Prices are usually in the range of RM8 to RM50. Most of the items are below RM20. :)

Reasons to sell are due to impulsive purchase by my mom and I and I want to make space in my wardrobe. Due to too many clothing, I couldn’t use the sliding doors properly and as a consequence, I was forced to take the sliding door out. Room looks extra ugly now. :(

I am also selling to facilitate moving! Do not want to carry heavy luggage / plastic bags full of clothes and unpack it after. Who likes it, right? Hehe. Plus, I never wear them anymore anyway.

So if you happen to like any of my items, do not hesitate to ask!
If you have my phone number or Facebook, contact me! If you have a Carousell account, click CHAT TO BUY.

CAROUSELL Account: gansherrhie

Thank you! Your purchase(s) will be greatly appreciated!