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Monday, 24 August 2015

Women Casual – The Lazy Day

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion enthusiast and not a pro! Just something random to blog about. :)

I bet all of us have one of those days, where you want to look good but not wanting to spend so much time searching for an outfit because if you do… at the end of the day you WILL end up with your clothing AND hangers everywhere – bed, table, chair, floor… or am I the only one? 

And when you are finally home from your day / night out feeling so exhausted, mom nags you to clear the mess you made earlier. Please let me rest. :(

To make things easier, whenever I have 'nothing' to wear, the first thing that comes into my mind – women casual!

A few of my MUST HAVE are:

A plain t-shirt because nothing can go wrong with it! It pairs so well with blazers, shorts, leggings, denims, skirts, overalls, you name it!

So much love towards sweaters because it is simple and very effortless. Also keeps you warm especially during movie dates and also during the end of the year when it gets a little chilly than usual.

Button downs because why not? ;) Stylish and classy.


Pull of any look effortlessly by using basics! Bonus is that they are always in season!

Accessorize them with a statement necklace or / and a bracelet, with a pair of your favourite boots, heels, sneakers or sandals and you are good to go.

And YES. I do not mind wearing them over and over again. Mix and match game easy.

I am never the kind of person who is very colourful so whenever I have the mood to have some colours and it is usually from my shoes / handbags / accessories, etc. my basic pieces ALWAYS comes in handy because mine are always in neutral colours. (In another word, I am never good with mix matching bright colours together, so I avoid it most of the time.) Hehe.

Credits to all rightful owners for the photos!

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