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Monday, 29 June 2015

Last Year, Today

Last year today was the first day I stayed in hostel.

Away from family, staying in a house filled with strangers, new college, new environment, having a roommate from Pahang – obviously I don’t know all of them at all – everything for the first time!

Bittersweet memories. (:)

The thought of staying out with strangers wasn't a pleasant feeling. I remember being so depressed by the thought of it but things got better eventually. Or I can say that, I got used to it.

I remember requesting for a bedroom all by myself because I didn’t like sharing room with others. As much as I wanted it to happen, it didn’t. But fate brought me to know one of the best people in the world, which was my roommate and I am thankful for that. Sleepless nights together to complete assignments, inside jokes and most importantly, we kind off like had something in common so there were no misunderstandings or whatsoever. 

I am also thankful to know a bunch of great people especially from the Design School. NOT ALL but most of them. Painting the mural during the first semester was a moment worth cherishing and I will never trade it with anything else. 

Second mural project was also o k a y. SO GRATEFUL for the teamwork certain people gave me!!!! Without you guys, my mural wouldn’t be done in just ONE day!! Thank you for your time and hard work. Especially to those who stayed back until 9 something!

Another great memory was helping the other group to finish their mural until pass midnight. But climbing the ladder beside a stairs was hella scary. The height just x2 sigh. Slept in London and had to wake up by 5 something in the morning to get back to hostel. Shhhhhhh.

Without the projects I most probably wouldn’t be close with those whom I am close with right now. :)

Aah if I could, I would want to travel back to last year to experience it again one more time. :) At least by then I will know that it isn't that bad as I expected.

Though there are good times there will always be bad times as well.

What do you expect in a Girls Hostel? Yes, girl dramas! Haha. Ha.

Not really girls’ drama but ya. I tried to avoid them but most of the time it is about the cleanliness. And people be like "It's a girl's hostel. It wouldn't be that bad. Confirm most of the time clean one lahhhh." Most of them, or maybe just one or two, just feel that it is not their responsibility to keep the hostel clean. Fine. You'd be surprised if you had visited my hostel early this year!

But isn’t it too much if you ordered a carbonated drink from McDonalds and leave the cup unattended for DAYS on the dining table? Even if you bring a guest back to hostel it doesn’t mean that the guest has the rights to not clean the table after using it, right? Just because he is a guest and it is rude to tell a guest to clean up their own mess. Didn’t sense hit you to clean the table after you are done using because you are responsible for your own foods and drinks? C'mon it's something sweet.

Congratulations when all of us are back in hostel after the weekend and all we see were ants around the table. 

If you're reading this and have a feeling that I am talking about you, I probably am~

…sigh. And this is just 1/10 of the cases in hostel.

Hostel is fun, they said. Hmmm... Ok lah, quite fun actually. :)

“Everything happens for a reason.” “You live, you learn, you move on.”

Nevertheless I am grateful for the people I am friends with right now. :) It was fate that brought us together. Since they closed the Design School recently, may the force be with you, everywhere you go. To where you plan to pursue your studies. :) 

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