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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Unfriend You

Amazes me how a person's true colour shows whenever problem arises.
It is true when they said a person’s true colour will eventually show, especially when it has something to do with money.

Never, I repeat, NEVER have any commitment with anyone especially those you have met not long ago whenever it involves money. Not even after a few months. Not a year. Because once problem arises, SUDDENLY it is not their fault and it has nothing to do with them. Just because “I have no money,” “I did not sign the contract,” “I don’t know anything.” Sure, but you used and agreed about it in the first place. Who was the one so eager to use it in the first place too? Not me alone. Remember, you too. :) Thanks for your statements, because money is just a “SMALL MATTER” to me. Because I am "RICH", right? Please sense the sarcasm if you do not, just get out from my blog.

Good. After everything I said – after repeating for months every time you ask without fail and you said okay, today you tell me that. I don’t know whether to laugh or to be angry. :) Ha ha ha. Funny how you were okay with it and suddenly you changed your mind. I guess after all the explanations and stress you gave, it was just a waste of precious time. IT'S OKAY. Act like I am doing a charity. :)

And did I not try to settle things? So easy to settle early also settle already la right or not...? Please. What was the point of me calling them then? Other than rectifying things? If I don't plan to make things right WHY WOULD I EVEN SPEND ANY SECOND OF MY TIME TO CALL THEM?! Do you think going there make any differences? No.

I assume you think I was having a great time chatting with the operator about life. Oh how's life working in xxx? Met any unreasonable customers? Oh I feel so sorry for you. Etc.

... And what were you doing in your room that time? :) Besides calling and Whatsapp-ing or sleeping I DON'T KNOW.

Oh yeah. Its not "its not like that" or "something is fishy". It IS like that. Not "its not like that" just because you've never tried it before or because you don't know or never heard of it before. :) Do you understand what is black and white? I don't think so but in the future you will know. :)

I was a fool to settle into things without thinking the consequences and because of that LESSON LEARNT! It hit me real hard. I was a fool for not listening to my family. It's cruel but mistake is on me. For trusting you. ;) Nice act, though. To those reading my blog post right now, never to trust anyone besides yourself.

But after everything I am thankful for you, for showing me the true colours of yours. I mean, why not? So thankful that I should go and celebrate it in a 5 star hotel or something. I now know who to not trust. Not all but at least another one revealed. :) 

Thank you for pushing all responsibilities to me since Day 1 too. With the excuse of not knowing this and that like paying the electricity bills and stuff. *what?!* I suggest you to learn now or it is going to be real hard for you in the future. Online banking is SO easy. Paying bills, SO easy. Simple Mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, SO easy especially with a calculator.
Bare in mind that everything takes OWN EFFORT to learn. Do not blame anyone for not teaching you to use this and that or an editing software. If you want to learn, you will take the initiative to learn. Tbh all of these are just lame excuses. :)

Just a random tip: 

If you complain about not having enough cash to spend I suggest you to find a solution to fix that. You go and find a job or brainstorm on how to earn cash from home etc. and set a limit on how much to spend a month. You earn and you spend less. After you are bored with the amount you are earning, think of another way to EARN more. Not SPEND more ya. Also keep in mind that earning more does not give you the privilege to spend more on UNNECESSARY stuff unless you see £ 1,000 like RM 1 or if you are a billionaire. Richest in the world~ If that is the case, do whatever you want with the money. Go. Also, there's a difference between needs and wants ya. :)

When you don’t have enough money, you don’t go and spend on Starbucks or a piece of clothing worth hundreds. Sure, you are thirsty. So what?  There are so many cheap alternatives to quench your thirst. Sure, cravings suck but we all have a choice whether to spend or to save. If you cannot control the cravings, then it is too bad for you. :)

And ever heard of Drinking Water? 

Drinking water, also known as potable water or improved drinking water is water safe enough for drinking and food preparation. Globally, in 2012, 89% of the people had access to water suitable for drinking.” - Wikipedia

It costs you for only less than RM 2 per bottle/cup outside. If a cup of drinking water costs you more than RM 5 then I assume you have the money to go to all of these kind of fancy restaurants. I am very sure that if you are able to read my post today you are not at the minority group for not having access to water. You should know why. But hey... from a person who always buy Starbucks, no problem what... All this money easy to get only. What is drinking water when you have Starbucks?! Don't know! :D

Another way to save is to pack food from home. Don’t need to spend RM 10 + just for food. Bring your own water bottle. Don’t have to spend extra RM 5 plus for drinks. Yes no? GOOD FOR HEALTH TOO! Win win, ey? Please do not use the excuse of not having enough time to prepare or not knowing or lazy because it is getting old.

Showing your love to someone… excuse me but does spending hundreds indicate love? I don’t think so because it is all about sincerity. :) Folding a heart with a piece of paper also means a lot and it doesn't cost you much. It is the thoughts that counts. A simple gesture means A LOT and it doesn't costs you a cent. Eh money can buy love ah? But to a gold digger, its a different story ya.
So there's really no reason to spend so much for this. Repeating this again, only spend on what you are capable of with your own money. Not from parents ya. And I'll let you to decide if you're going to spend on something practical or not practical. Bo bian lo, if you have decided to spend it on something not practical when you are complaining about not having enough to spend monthly. CONTINUE. Then you'll be complaining about it forever.

Does this make sense?
If not then I suggest you to self-reflect and wish you luck in the future! Period.

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