GAN SHER RHIE: Happy Birthday: Sangeetha!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Happy Birthday: Sangeetha!

Driving doesn't seem that scary anymore compared to last year (2014) when I can barely drive due to not having car in hostel etc. Now being at home, I drive quite often. Actually drove to Serdang for the third time already hehe! Surprisingly after not going back to Serdang for the many months I can still remember the way there. Shout out to Jay Chou's songs for accompanying me throughout my driving journey! By the way, my Step by Step Drawing: Jay Chou here: [CLICK]

Happy Tuesday!
The weather is soo gloomy but I love weathers like this! Cooling.

Celebrated Sangeetha's birthday last Sunday in TGIF @ Sunway Pyramid. Shout out to the workers in TGIF for the birthday surprises! The well presented dessert at the end of our main course, the birthday songs and also making the birthday girl stand on the chair to make a speech. A memorable one. :) No cheesy paragraphs here because we don't work that way hehe. #Buddiessinceprimaryschool. Pictures shall do the talking! :)

 Main courses.

Awkward group photo.
There were supposed to be more of us but many couldn't make it due to college / transportation problem. There will be next time!








...and every girl has to have a few shots of their OOTD every time they dress up!




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