Saturday, 12 March 2016

Joining CFN


As mentioned from my previous post, I have officially joined Channel Frederator Network! Also my first time joining things like this and I have read a lot of positive reviews from it. Cheers. Yes, do some research before resolving into anything.

Channel Frederator Network is now scouting for talented people and if you are an artist / animator and owns a YouTube art channel, you have a high chance of being part of it! Surely there would be terms and conditions etc, but you get to know new people, have access to royalty free sound effects, etc for free, earn additional revenue and more. In additional, it's in dollars. Tears of joy. 

Just go for it!

Although they take 30% of your revenue from your ads, if your channel is still small and you wish to grow there is nothing to lose, just... a few cents. If you're unhappy with it you could cancel contract with them after a year. A year is pretty short so... yeah...

Because from what I think, your channel is still small and you'll probably only earn a few cents throughout a long period of time. Why not just try joining CFN and meet new people, grow your audiences, etc, right?

Your art will also have the chance to be featured on their YouTube channel! [here]

If you are interested, contact them at:

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